MONDAY 20  MAY 2024


Grainy pics from the 1980s of the Daily Express and Sunday Mirror newsrooms plus Golly Hardy’s wedding

HOLDING COURT: Alastair ‘Bingo’ McIntyre, John ‘Bertie’ Brooks and the ever-diligent Roy ‘Bongo’ Anderson in the Daily Express Fleet Street newsroom (note the monocles). Ken Weller in the background

McIntyre and Brooks at play, fortunately neither of them spotted the soda syphon in the background otherwise there might have been an unseemly skirmish (if you get the drift)

Steve Wood (art desk) and Bertie Brooks at the watering hole as usual

Wood and Brooks are joined at the bar by McIntyre

McIntyre was never noted for getting the teas in but (keep this quiet) he’d probably nipped out for a swift slope and came back via the canteen in a feeble attempt to explain his absence from his desk

David ‘Golly’ Hardy getting married to Sue at Wandsworth Register Office, London,  in the mid-1980s

McIntyre, the best man, with the bride’s daughter, bride Sue and Golly after the ceremony

Wedding guests: Barry Edgoose, Miles Hedley, unknown, Ross Tayne who is sadly no longer with us, and Chris McIntyre, who fortunately is

McIntyre makes the best man’s speech with his wife by his side

Cricket at Southampton on the hottest day of the year with the Express playing Southampton Press Club. From left: Brian Cashinella, Terry Manners, Rory Clements, Brian Thistlethwaite (obscured), Chris Chalke, Les Diver, Nick Pigott, Patrick Welland, Paul McElroy and Bob Smith.

Tony ‘Granny’ Grantham (left) on the backbench with Jon Zackon, chief sub, in the Fleet Street newsroom

Jon Zackon attempting an unsuccessful disguise

Bertie Brooks gets the beers in. This pic was probably taken in Ibiza where Bertie lived after collecting his redundo wheelbarrow

Rory Clements, who supplied these pics, and Bertie relax in the sunshine

Saturday afternoon in the Sunday Mirror newsroom, Holborn, from left, Gordon Sigsworth, McIntyre, David Thompson and Dickie the copy taster 

On Saturdays the Sunday staff took over the Daily Mirror’s newsroom in Holborn Circus.